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Community Policy

Effective Date: January 1, 2022

Welcome to Dirigible’s
Community Policy

Dirigible is committed to making sure our services are not used in a malicious, dangerous, or hostile manner. The sections below include a list of the types of content that violate our community policy guidelines and are grounds for account termination.

These guidelines are not exclusive of the types of content that can violate community policies.

These guidelines are subject to change, revision and modification at the sole discretion of Dirigible.

If you believe a user of Dirigible’s Sites, Services or Products is violating our Community Policies, please contact

1. Violent or Dangerous Content

1.2 Harassment or Cyber Bullying

1.3 Violent or Graphic Content

1.4 Violent Criminal Organizations

1.5. Harmful or Dangerous Content

2. Misinformation

1.1 General Misinformation

1.3 Elections Misinformation

1.4 Vaccine Misinformation

1.5 Medical Minisformation

1.6. Conspiracy Theories

3. Sensitive Content

1.1 Sexualization of Minors

1.2 Sexual Abuse of Any Kind

1.3 Nudity and Sexual Content

1.4 Suicide and Self-Harm

1.5. Eating Disorders

4. Spam & Deceptive

1.1 Promoting Dangerous Remedies or Cures

1.2 Multilevel Marketing Promotion

1.3 Misattributed or Manipulated Content

1.4 Scams

1.5 Impersonation

1.6 External Links to Sites or Applications that Violate Community Policies

4. Regulated Goods

1.1 Firearms & Explosives

1.2 Sale of Illegal or Regulated Goods or Services Including but Not Exclusive of:

  • Alchohol
  • Passwords
  • Stolen Goods
  • Financial Information
  • Counterfit Documents, Goods or Currency
  • Organs
  • Endangered Species
  • Nicotine and Vaping Products
  • Gamblintg
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Sex or Escort Servies
  • Unlicensed Medical Services
  • Human Trafficing or Smuggling