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New! Link in Bio

Now available on Dirigible

Link In Bio
Link in Bio

Calling all Creators—we’ve got your Link in Bio needs covered at Dirigible

Our Link in Bio post type allows you to have all your links easily accessible on one page on your site.

 Benefits of our game-changing alternative

FREE for our users

Dirigible’s Link in Bio is the perfect alternative to paid social link sharing sites. This allows you to keep everything in one place without worrying about a different service, at no extra cost

Keep all of your revenue

Unlike other alternatives, we don’t take a cut of your sales or charge you extra — it’s totally FREE to our users

Scheduling is super easy and intuitive

Schedule or hide any links ahead of your chosen posting time

Multiple Link in Bio pages and blocks

Create as many Link in Bio pages as you need—each with a unique, branded link (Think mysite/isawesome) Why stop at one one?! Separate your TikTok and Insta bios to target the right audience!

Use your own analytics

No need to rely on third-party analytics—your links will be trackable using your regular analytics account.

Looking for versatility?

Look no further. Our Link in Bio post type is just ONE way to feature your links on your site.