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We want to help you get your site up and running as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Hello and welcome to Dirigible! We’re so glad you’re here. When you first log into your site, you will be guided through an onboarding process where you’ll enter whatever information you have handy to get your site started, things like:

  • Logos
  • Brand Colors
  • Photography
  • Social Media Links
  • Contact Information

If you don’t have that information available, it might be time to start thinking about gathering what you can. The more information you can provide during the onboarding process, the better the automated site setup wizard can create a starting point for your website.

If you need to return to the onboarder in the future, you can restart it by visiting Appearance > Theme Setup from the admin area.

A typical screen of the onboarder will look like this:

Don’t worry, there aren’t that many of them and you can revisit any of this information later from your site Customizer. Once you complete all the pages of the onboarder, your site will automatically create a suite of sample pages for you, including:

  • Home
  • About
  • Contact
  • Blog
  • Showcase
  • 404
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Privacy Policy

You can uncheck any of these pages from the Generate Content portion of the onboarder, which is the last screen before the completion of your site setup.

Once you’re finished with the onboarder, you can go in and edit any page of your site, create new pages, create and manage menus, write some blog posts, customize your site design, etc etc. Basically, you can now do all the things you’d expect to be able to do to manage your brand new website.

We suggest taking a look at how the sample pages that were generated are put together. They should give you a good idea of some of the tools available to lay out your pages. The Showcase page especially makes use of a variety of different page components and might be worth checking out.

If you need some help with page editing, we encourage you to watch the video above and Jake will guide you through some of the basics. We also strongly, strongly encourage you to mosey on over and meander through our documentation.